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Chappie’s Failure ‘Unbelievably Painful’ For Neill Blomkamp

Chappie in Chappie

Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 is still very well regarded in the science-fiction fandom as a great film. However his other two movies, Elysium and Chappie, are much less well regarded, and he’s now addressed how the response to those films impacted him.

Both Elysium and District 9 are bonafide hits but Chappie didn’t quite secure critical, audience, or box office success. He originally planned it as the first film in a trilogy but the movie failed to gross enough for him to make a sequel.

While speaking with Den of Geek, Blomkamp was very candid about his feelings on the film’s failure, calling the experience “unbelievably painful”:

Chappie was unbelievably painful for me. That was difficult on several levels. But …

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