Remind us to NEVER piss off Jonathan Cheban.

Kim Kardashian West‘s bestie can’t seem to stop going after people on social media. No really!

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As we previously reported, back in May, the entrepreneur claimed he had been hacked when a Twitter user exposed him for being salty AF over one shady meme. At the time, Mr. Cheban swore he “never” privately messages haters as he handles his shit in “public.”

Now it appears as though there is more damning evidence against the 43-year-old as a whole new rant has been exposed by a fan on Instagram. Apparently, a man named Omeed Malek got under the self proclaimed Food God’s skin by making some comment about the D-lister needing a “sugar mommy.”

Of course, Jonathan refused to just sit back and take the shade as he unleashed some rage onto the follower:

new kink: being roasted via insta DM by Kim K’s 43-year-old lapdog and personal enema @foodgod #HonestlyTruly💕#JonathanCheban #OurLordandSavior #AmericanBoardofPlasticSurgeryA post shared by omeed malek (@omeedmalek) on Jun 6, 2017 at 6:31pm PDT

DAYUMMMM. We wonder what excuse Kimmie’s sidekick will offer up this time?? We mean, as Malek proved, the foodie went as far as to block the young man.

Maybe it’s time for Cheban to take a step back from social media? Because, clearly, the KUWTK guest star can’t handle the heat he’s been getting

[Image via Instagram.]

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