New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gifs

The latest international promo for Spider-Man: Homecoming offers a sneak peek at the many abilities of Peter’s new suit. As with any superhero movie, the suit Spidey wears in his upcoming film has been the source of much scrutiny. Interestingly, it borrows the most from classic comic book elements while also mirroring the latest iteration of Peter’s threads. From the expressive eyes to the web wings to the smaller symbol, the Spidey we saw in Captain America: Civil War looked very much like the classic Steve Ditko take on the character. As we’ve learned from marketing for Homecoming, however, it’s equipped with plenty of new tech.

Tom Holland has called the suit the best iPhone ever, and we’ve heard about a number of its new abilities. From a built-in A.I. to a variety of web shooters, the new suit borrows heavily from the current comic run where Spidey’s suit takes a number of queues …

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