Stephen Colbert investigated over ‘homophobic’ anti-Trump joke
US entertainer Stephen Colbert is to be examined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over a joke about President Donald Trump.

The body’s executive Ajit Pai said it got a few grumblings in regards to the monolog, which a few watchers marked homophobic.

It concerned rough sexual references including Mr Trump and his Russian partner, Vladimir Putin.

On Twitter, irate clients set the hashtag #FireColbert slanting around the world.

Mr Pai told radio host Rich Zeoli he had now had an opportunity to watch the disputable clasp, which circulated on Colbert’s CBS program The Late Show last Monday.

“We have gotten various protests,” Mr Pai said. “We’ll take after the standard working methodology, as we generally do, and ensure we assess what the actualities are and apply the law decently and completely.”

The FCC is a US government office which directs TV and radio telecasters.

CBS could be fined on the off chance that it concludes that Colbert’s joke was revolting.

The FCC definition incorporates comments that interest to “a normal individual’s indecent intrigue” or that “delineate or portray sexual lead in a ‘patently hostile’ manner; and, taken all in all, need genuine abstract, aesthetic, political or logical esteem”.

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Regardless of requests for him to be let go over the charged slur, Colbert said on Wednesday that he would change “a portion of the words” in the monolog yet did not think twice about it.

He then offered an olive branch to the LGBT people group, saying: “Any individual who communicates their affection for someone else in their own specific manner is, to me, an American legend.”

One Trump supporter who partook in the development #GaysForTrump, tweeted on Wednesday that Colbert’s unique tirade was “homophobic” and “appalling”, while others rehashed requires his sacking.